Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Love You

Why is the word "love" tossed around like a jump-off in a room full of the homies? Why do people use "love and "sex" like they're interchangeable? Why is love used in vain so much, it's lost its meaning like "pretty" and "beautiful"? Why do these dudes think by them saying that sacred word, it will make someone like me drop to my knees or bend over? That type of talk always made a female like me run, duck and hide...especially when I know its bs and believe me, it's all been a bunch of bs. The first time my ex told me he loved me, he made sure we were both inebriated before he said those words. And me being me shut him down instantly with "no you don't", "how can you love me and you don't know me" and my personal favorite "I don't love them hoes." But that still didn't stop him from telling me on several different occasions and me finally reciprocating it months later when I was about to reach that climatic point. I will admit, he was my first love, the first I ever gave myself to on all levels. He ended up breaking my heart with his lies and his insecurities but that's whole other post. I'm just tired of hearing dudes tell me or one of my girls that they love us when its clear that they don't. As cliche as it is actions do speak louder than words so if you're telling me you love me but you steady creeping, then the only one really getting any loving is him which means no love for me. Don't tell me, you love me if you don't...don't even say the word around me because it's really just a turn off. Say what you mean and mean what you say...

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