Sunday, November 23, 2008

Summer Fling

Background: I went on a cruise this summer to the Virgin Islands with my much fun...and I met a friend. I had a boyfriend at the time, but I was single on that know what it is...and I got a friend in the club like the 3rd night. He reminded me of Rico Suave...the complete opposite of my type...but he had that greenery that we had been deprived of since we were at sea so it was on. My cousin and myself went back to his room with him that night and indulged on his balcony, listening to the ocean...we had to use him for those purposes the next couple of nights...and I thought he was hella coo so it was a win win situation or so I thought. By the 3rd day of meeting and interacting with him, I realized that he talked way too much about nothing and he was getting on my nerves. Not to mention I had made the mistake of meeting him at the club one night...he bought myself and my cousins 2 bottles and multiple shots of Patron...I danced with him and put it on him like he was my man on the dance floor...I had other dudes coming up to me asking if we were together...I danced with some other dudes almost the same way...he got jealous every time a dude would talk to mistake I allowed him to think I was his. He saw me talking to this dude that was trying to holla and told my cousin he felt disrespected and he didn't want me talking to any other dudes...apparently he was hella sick because I talked to a couple of dudes for too long. And when my cousin pulled me to the side and told me, I didn't give a damn if he was mad...I wasn't attached to anyone (on the boat) and as far as I was concerned I could do me except for kiss, f*ck or cheat. So I stroked his ego without making it seem like I was submitting to worked...his insecurities stopped showing so much. As the last couple of days approached us, he got a little closer. He came with me to take my 5 cousins to the pool and stayed out there with me all was a bonus he got to see me in my bikini. But we did get hella coo so the last night I gave him my number...we talked the first couple of weeks after it was over but 98% of our conversations were about the cruise and how he wished we could go back so he could be with me...blah blah blah. I started catching him up in lies and his slight obsession with me started making me nauseous...that's when I knew I couldn't talk to him again.

Well, I think like a month and a half went by without any contact from each other so I assumed he had lost my number or lost interest but no this dude called me at 1:30 am...I didn't answer...left a message...called back an hour later...I didn't answer...left another message. When I finally checked them, he sounded thirsty as ever and anxious to hear my voice. You would think I put something vicious on that boy the way he's been calling and cupcaking to my vm...I wish I could post the vms for all to hear...then you would really feel time

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