Saturday, November 29, 2008

Staying Connected

I've been trying to give me 100% of me these last couple of weeks since I've been neglecting who's most important in my I started by reconnecting with an old friend that I cut off after a misunderstanding due to him. Basically, I felt like he was doing me like I was just the average...and I'm too fly to be he got my vm for like 3 months before I finally answered for him again. We talked and went to the old times...trying to forget about the last couple of months. See we first met a couple of years ago and had nothing but disdain for one another. But an island trip with friends last year had me feeling him in a whole new way. It was one of those things where I liked him but I didn't want him or to be with him...not to mention we both had someone else back at home. So we kept our new found friendship as just that...a friendship...well except for when I first broke up with my boo in July...I kissed him at the bar when we were out with*t why not...I was single and feeling myself after 3 drinks. It's been good talking to him about everything that's going on with me since I've still been avoiding my other male friend, that was like the therapist I never had, after that night at his house not too long ago. But I guess I have to go get decent for my ex...

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