Saturday, November 8, 2008

So I Decided

To make up for my poor excuse for a date, I decided to spend some time with one of my close male friends. He's like the therapist, I never had. Our plan was to either go to the movies and see SAW V or go to Crustaceans for dinner after I met him at his house. When I got there, you can imagine the time we took to clown and discuss my date. I mean naturally we both had something to say about my taste in men, my poor choices in men and the power of the mancott...thanx Kris. By the middle of the conversation, my boots were in the middle of his bedroom and I was comfortablly sitting on his bed with a glass of White Zifandel in my hand. After 3 glasses, I started feeling a little dizzy. I have a habit of drinking on an empty stomach so why should today be any different. I stretched out on the bed and decided I wanted to eat, bump a movie. As I waited for him to get ready, my eyelids quickly started becoming heavy...I needed a power nap. Before I had a chance to really get into a good sleep, he walked into the bedroom dressed...damn I wanted a nap but good because I was starving. He got in the bed and layed next to me and started telling me how I needed a man that was going to hold me down, protect me, love me...blah blah blah...I tuned the rest of that sh*t out...I didn't want to hear yet again what I needed. He started gently rubbing my arm...I didn't stop him...he softly touched my chest and my stomach...I didn't stop him. He lifted up my dress and started licking my stomach...I didn't stop him...he slowly pulled down my tights and pushed my G to the side...I didn't stop him. Then he ate, licked, sucked, slurped and bit me like I was his last meal...I exploded about 3 times before I decided to stop him. I knew I didn't want to go any further with him... hell I didn't even want to go that far but it is what it is. Right when I opened my mouth to say something, his phone started ringing...saved by the bell. He got up to answer it and I quickly readjusted my panties and tights. He took the call in the other room and I put my shoes on, grabbed my purse and coat and got the hell out of there. I don't even want to begin to deal with that situation so you can imagine my phone has been off since.

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