Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Don't Want None Tonight

And the story continues; So my ex of the last year came over around midnight. Now I know what you're thinking-aint nothing open that late but some legs-naturally. But the two of us kick it all the time, sex free, because for a minute we were the only friend each other had. For some reason, tonight or should I say this morning, he's getting on my nerves. Every single thing he's doing or does is irritating the hell out of me. It's at the point where I had to leave the room to get some space and just breath. He's the whole reason why I have an icebox and yet I'm still around him. I guess because I haven't let myself feel for him in a while so I'm thinking he would make a coo homeboy; you know one of the ones you text every once in a while and every blue moon you kick it...distant type homie. I developed a habit of laughing at all the bs instead of going bad and I mean BAD, which I once made my only option, dealing with him. Before it was all said and done, his touch used to make my skin crawl...that's when u know its a wrap...and his voice started making my skin crawl, that's why I had to get out of the room. It could just be because I'm sleepy and I turn into a straight bitch when I'm being deprived of my beauty sleep...

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