Saturday, November 8, 2008

Taking My Fabulousness Back

I've been feeling less than fabulous these last couple of months and it's been showing. I traded my summer dresses, sandals and platforms for sweats, hoodies and Uggs. There hasn't been any type of motivation to change my appearance until tonight. I met this guy about a week ago coming out of the store and when I say I looked a hot mess, I looked a damn hot mess. I had just finished washing my car so I had on wet jeans, a hoodie I had slept in the night before, cute sandals and to make it better I threw on gold NewNew's and "stunna" shades. Needless to say, I looked like I stank and I But on my way out, this dude stopped me. Now, I'm used to being stopped by the opposite sex regularly but when I look busted and disgusted, I always think they're clownin...they gotta be...look how I'm looking. Against my better judgement, I gave him my number. Mind you, I haven't given my number out in over a year but at the moment I thought what the hell. So after text messaging sessions...don't advice to many of those... a couple of phone conversations and a missed lunch date we decided to get together for coffee followed by a dinner date. We met at a Starbucks, that was close to me, that way I could run home and change my clothes before dinner. You can imagine the amount of time I spent getting fabulous since I had to redeem myself from our first encounter. I wore a simple Black dress, black tights, flat black Steve Madden boots, a Guess pea coat, all gold jewelry and I pinned my hair up. Let's just say, I was looking like my old fabulous self again...what a waste!!! First, this fool is later than me and I was 30 minutes late...gave him a pass...then he bought me a White Chocolate Mocha...gave him a he complimented my style...gave him a point...after he talked about himself nonstop...gave him a pass...soon after I flipped the conversation and focused on me and he did too...gave him half a point...right after he complimented my smile...gave him 2 points...I started talking about the economy and the election, he let me express my opinions without interrupting...gave him 3 points...he started talking about OUR pass...he threw around pass...he tried to hold my pass...he tried to touch my pass...he kept bringing up pass...he answered the phone for his a pass...he answered for his a pass...he answered about 3 times for his pass...finally he proceeded to tell me about his relationship with his bm or should I say permanent p*ssy and I left. I didn't make up a lame excuse to leave, I just left. When he got up to use the bathroom, I got up and got out of there. I don't know what he thought he was going to get from a coffee date but obviously more than I was willing to give...bottomline...Eric don't call me again.

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