Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Beginning

I've kind of been in hiding since the new year. I just needed to take the time to reprioritize and readjust to my reality. First, the Lord took one person from me this year and allowed another to enter into the world...very theraputic and provided closure. I started looking at myself and those around me in a new light and gained a new perspective. I finally let the ex-factor be the ex-factor. No more late night creeps, home cooked meals or any other girlfriend privledges. It felt good to take all that away and save it for someone that's worth it. I think we'll be able to be friends at some point but for now I have to keep my distance to keep my sanity.

Last week my bf came over to spend some much needed time with me. Before we could really get too comfortable with each other, he decided he was going to help me clean my roommate free living room and downstairs bathroom. With him doing most of the work and me going thru two month old mail, I decided I would have to make this up to him. I invited him, my female best friend, my favorite cousin and his best friend to Sunday dinner for the following week. I actually owed the 3 of them (excluding my cousin) dinner since I flaked on our dinner date 16 months prior.

I cooked, cleaned and provided ambiance for my "dinner guests." We ate, went through 5 bottles of wine and conversed about every topic possible. It was exactly what we all needed...good food, good company and good conversation...what could be better...

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